Group of Syrian Migrants Brutally Beat Man After Accusing Him of Being Homosexual

Syrian origin 31-year-old Gabriel Chabo claims that he was severely beaten by a group of Syrian migrants in the Swedish town of Södertälje after the men claimed that he was homosexual.

  • So much violence. So much ate. What has happened to the world while I’ve been away?

  • Gary

    I don’t care any more. The gay groups have march ed with the pro refugee leftist progressives.

    These attacks on on their hands as well as the blood from murders .

  • Dana Garcia

    Muslim diversity means back to the closet for gay Europeans. Better take that rainbow flag down and get a more mainstream wardrobe.

    • Alain

      Even the closet will no longer be safe.

      • Dana Garcia

        No European is safe now, thanks to Merkel.

  • Alain

    But what about those Christian bakers who won’t bake them a cake; you know that is the main preoccupation of Big Homo.

  • You know what you’re doing, Sweden.

    • Will Quest

      The first uber-feminist state veiling itself with pleasure …….