From Vox: Why do people ignore mass atrocities? And how to use machines to fix them

From Brian Resnick at Vox

Brian Resnick: I can imagine a future — this is getting more sci-fi — where we automate compassion. When we have a moment of slow thinking, we can program a machine to direct the response to horrible things.

Paul Slovic: A lot of people would be repulsed by the thought of turning over morality to machines, but if you think of the fact that, in many ways, our moral intuitions really lead us to do the wrong thing, maybe [artificial] morality might not always be that bad.

What should be the value of a life? If we find that humans are inappropriately devaluing life, maybe these program values would be better.

Brian Resnick: That’s such an interesting idea. If we can program some machine to be moral, it could be more moral than we are.

Paul Slovic: Yeah, because we’re not as moral as we’d like to be.More.

Reality check: Speaking of atrocities, why do progressives celebrate the mass dismemberment of babies (abortion)? If Vox won’t discuss that, why should anyone have time for its house psychologist’s views about what other people accept, let alone their sci-fi ideas about how to fix others so that they think like progressives?

Note: Progressives have an indulgence for their own massacres from the God Who Does Not Exist.

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  • I wonder if the irony is lost on Vox?

  • Watchman

    The problem will only be fixed by machines when we get Skynet to complete it’s Artificial Intelligence (AI) research and put this new AI in charge of the world’s nuclear and conventional militaries. Then we can truly discover our place in the world, as assessed by an AI.

  • Hard Little Machine

    Why would a sufficiently sentient moral machine believe we should exist at all?