Black Lives Matter slams invite-only meeting — Police chief says meeting was productive

Members of Black Lives Matter, a group of activists that released data on carding people of colour in Edmonton, including Bashir Mohamed and Reakesh Walters, along with representatives of community organizations, were invited to a “private, secret” meeting with Chief Rod Knecht on Wednesday at the police information checks building in the Nexus Business Park on 118 Avenue to speak about carding.

  • marty_p

    If one was to follow and believe Black Lives Matter and all of the libtard SJW media, Canada is a Hell Hole for Blacks.
    The Toronto Star is running a series of articles and Op Ed pieces on the “Black Experience in the GTA”.

    Including this crock of sh*t:
    “Blackness has existed in Canada mainly as a political tool within white supremacy: initially, it allowed colonizers to keep Black people as slaves, then, following the abolition of slavery, it was a way of preventing Black people from accessing social and economic rights.”

  • Editor

    It would be helpful to see if there is a correlation between crime statistics and carding statistics. Stereotypes are not born in a vacuum. IF Police are carding people of colour, and that’s a big IF, more often than other people, there might be a reason. A sound, statistically warranted reason. I’m sure Edmonton Police are, like most Canadian Police forces, walking on eggshells around their respective oversensitive, eternally offended ethnic communities.

    I also like Betty Ghettuba’s comment; her sons walk around wondering if they’ll be carded all the time. No actual events or actual carding incidents, and you can bet she’d be milking that to no end if it had happened, just that it might happen.

    Oh, and can we officially replace the term “community organizer” by something more descriptive, more accurate. Something like “shit disturber” or “fake offense entrepreneur” or “bloody ingrate”. Just a suggestion.

  • simus1

    Black Lies Matter isn’t part of the cool marxist claque fixing the world in Redmonton?
    Well, I’m gobsmacked.