A pro-life activist celebrates her hate mail

From Alissa Golub at Right Now:

Reality check: Golub seems so different from the old lady right-to-lifers who, starting in the 1970s, brought about the worst situation in the Western world in Canada by their zeal, fury, factionalism, and absolute misunderstanding of the situation.

Big, elite, progressive governments do not need people who are good citizens the way they used to, and it is a good question whether the people can afford these types of governments.

Let’s hope more young people start realizing and talking about that.

See also: March for Life: An exercise in planned futility (2016)

  • I’m glad that Alissa Golub goes all Michelle Malkin and reads her hate mail. Let leftists’ words hang them.

    By the way, these “old lady right to lifers” are the reason why one has Alissa Golub and newer generations of pro-lifers while the pro-abortionists troll for young blood like the succubi that they are.

  • Felix_Culpa

    I really like the approach of Alissa Golub and her Right Now outfit. A very good group.