Pig’s Head in Swastika Bag Is Left Outside Islamic School in Australia

The police were called to the school, the Islamic College of Brisbane, on Wednesday after the bag was discovered by a groundskeeper and a teacher. The school is one of only two Islamic schools in the state of Queensland.

  • Gary

    Don’t tell me, the local Butcher saw the Imam come in and buy a pigs head.

  • marty_p

    Time for a little pig’s head humour:
    An aged Orthodox Rabbi decides before he dies he has to try pork.
    He drives to the farthest reaches of Northern Ontario.
    He goes into the only restaurant in the town and orders an entire roast suckling pig.
    While he waits for his meal (eating the bread and killing time) in walks one of his congregants – who spots him and comes over to his table.
    “Rabbi what are you doing way up here?”..The Rabbi replies, “I’m old and before I die, I always wanted to see Northern Ontario.”
    Congregant asks the Rabbi if he can join him and sits down at the table.
    Just as the congregant sits down, the waiter comes to the table with the Rabbi’s order of the suckling pig with an apple in it’s mouth.
    The congregant is horrified.
    The Rabbi says to the congregant “What kind of restaurants do they have in Northern Ontario – I order an apple and look how they serve it”.

  • Observer

    The school liked the bag, they just didn’t like what was in it.

  • Editor

    Some Australian expressed his opinion in a non-violent, dare I say, humorous manner. What’s the problem?

  • New Centurion

    Pigs head, swastika bag….hmmm sure this wasn’t meant for the local synagogue?

  • laja kurc

    Unlike the Jewish school in Toulouse where three young students were murdered, here nobody died. What’s the big deal. Can’t they take a joke?

    • “Can’t they take a joke?”

      No. More to the point, it is a wonderful opportunity to present Muslims as victims. The school Principal apparently blamed Pauline Hansen, claiming that her behaviour is on a par with that of ISIS.

  • bverwey

    Well I would have left out the swastika bag but hey I’m just a Canadian white guy.and we are indoctrinated to be tolerant by PM Turdeau.

  • Barrington Minge


  • Spatchcocked

    So where can a guy buy them Swastika bags ? Sans pig head of course.

    On Amazon….eBay ?

    They’d make a great coffee table bag.

  • J. C.


    Another hoax…

  • Dave

    “The school is one of only two Islamic schools in the state of Queensland.”
    Well , that’s two too many!