NY State Democrat: Linda “Sarsour is a fraud”

Linda Sarsour gained headlines and sympathy after boasting about raising big bucks for Jewish cemeteries, but one of those cemeteries says they’ve never seen a dime. NY State Assemblyman Dov Hikind (D-Brooklyn), who brought attention to Sarsour’s ties with terrorists, called the news a shocking non-surprise.

  • She is a bad combo- Radical Muslim, self-promoting, clever and a hateful practicer of the Jihadi arts of taqqia and kitman. Far from feeling any guilt or shame for lying and dissembling, she feels glorified and self-assured in it. Supported by the left and abetted by the unaware, she is a very dangerous one. Luckily she is not particularly charismatic or attractive…

    • Blacksmith

      “Luckily she is not particularyly charismatic or attractive”
      Man jaw, Has anyone checked to see if she is a biological female, I certainly don’t want the job!

    • ImNoDhimmi

      I’d love to slap that smug, supercilious smirk off her face.

  • deplorabledave

    Then again, shame implies an elevated sense of self-awareness, and someone who glorifies terrorists is rarely sullied by a scruple.”

    Shame has almost ceased to exist and the world is astronomically worse off without it.

    • Will Quest

      There is barking-neurotic & then there is Linda Sarsour ….. her feral Neuroticism is what makes her attractive to the equally neurotic feminists .

  • Observer

    She must take extra pleasure in pocketing $100,000 she falsely collected in the name of helping Jews.

  • roccolore

    And of course, she plays the victim.

  • SDMatt

    She may be a fraud but she has an eminently punchable face.

  • John Boy

    As is every other Muslim activist or advocate.