Government revokes group’s charity status, audit cites possible funding of Pakistani militants

Federal regulators have revoked the charity status of a Canadian Islamic organization after an audit uncovered problems including tax receipts that were issued for donations to a Pakistani group linked to armed militancy.

  • SDMatt

    I’m pretty sure ISNA was mentioned in “List of Unindicted Co-conspirators and/or Joint Venturers” ten frickin’ years ago during the Holy Land Foundation trial.

    Plus I’m quite certain that the bearded men in pajamas asking for donations about a month ago at Toronto’s own Kipling subway station were doing so on behalf of the Canadian Islamic Trust Foundation. I’d be surprised if a selfie of them and the Shiny Pony didn’t exist.

  • Shebel

    Are these the same Charities that Harper shut down and Justin reversed ?

  • marty_p

    Is the photo Mississauga City Council?

    • Maggat

      Oh, good one!

  • ImNoDhimmi

    No doubt Justin will revoke the revocation.

  • Starlord

    Isn’t iqra khalid have ties to this org? Remember seeing her in pick with isna logo, her attending events etc… going have to do some digging.

  • deplorabledave

    The khadr heat is getting to them.