French Woman Accused of Collaboration With ISIS

(Insert own Vichy French joke here)

A French woman captured in the Iraqi city of Mosul with her four children is facing possible prosecution in Iraq for allegedly collaborating with the Islamic State group, in a test case for how governments handle the families of foreign fighters now that the extremists are in retreat.

The fate of the children, ranging in age from 6 months to 8 years old, is in legal limbo. The father’s whereabouts are unknown.

How Iraq and France choose to handle this family’s case could set a precedent for the many other foreigners who joined the IS cause. France alone estimates that 750 French people are among extremists in Iraq and Syria — including up to 450 children.

Two Iraqi intelligence officials told The Associated Press on Wednesday that the woman is being investigated in Baghdad and could face terrorism charges for illegally entering Iraq and joining IS, and that the French government wants the children handed over to France.

Leave her there.

  • shasta

    Unless they renounced their French citizenship before joining Isis they should be executed for being traitors. If they did renounce their citizenship they should be executed for being war criminals.

    • tom_billesley

      According to islam they’d be distributed as spoils of war.

      • shasta

        Not worth the effort.

  • Gary

    Remember the SB jihad slaughter in California where the husband and wife were killed and left a 3 month old baby behind.
    Muslims claimed that the two weren’t muslims and had nothing to do with islam.

    Fine….but the Child Protective Services took the baby and had plans for adoption .
    islamic Org’s and Imams demanded that the baby go to a Muslim family
    to be raise in mosque and with islam .
    What….they just said the parents weren’t muslims but now say that the baby is a muslim and need to go to a muslim family.

    How does that work ???
    A non-muslim mother gives birth to a muslim baby.

    • tom_billesley

      SJW social workers will insist on placing the children with culturally compatible foster parents i.e. wahhabi/salafi jihadis.

  • Editor

    Just to be clear, is this “french” woman named Françoise or Fatima?

  • Hard Little Machine
  • xavier

    But the kids should be repatriated. The older kids need permanent psychological follow ups to head off any potential sociopath and the babies be placed for adoption