First Things: Trump vs velvet nihilism

From R. R. Reno, on Trump’s Poland speech, at First Things:

Some have compared it to Reagan’s “Tear down this wall” address in Berlin in 1987. This is mistake. Reagan wished to break the will of the Soviet Union. His rhetoric was post-war: We need to overthrow authoritarian controls, to open and loosen things up. What Trump said in Warsaw was keyed to a very different threat, that of a velvet nihilism, a disposition of cultural and moral disarmament that cannot rouse itself to affirm or defend much of anything. In such circumstances—our circumstances—what’s needed are consolidating motifs, to rally people to causes that are worthy of their loyalty, even to the point of self-sacrifice.

There are many reasons to think Donald Trump the wrong man for the job of President of the United States. But of this I am confident: He has discerned the true meaning of our historical moment. The post-war era is ending. We do not need to be chastened by Auschwitz. We need something that calls us upward, something to honor and emulate. More.

Reality check: One wonders what Clinton (femme) would have said, offered the same platform.

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