Boston fears Islamophobia, blankets city bus stops with ‘building the safe space’ guides

The Islamic Society of Boston Cultural Center cheered an initiative launched on Monday by Democrat Mayor Martin J. Walsh’s office. Citizens taking public transit are likely to encounter 50 signs to educate them on how to stop Muslims from being harassed.

  • Editor

    Soon to be followed by an initiative, sure to be cheered by The Islamic Society of Boston Cultural Center, educating muslims on how not to shoot up gay nightclubs, army bases, workplace Christmas partys, etc.

  • Sharkibark

    Like…. don’t walk your dogs in public.

    • Observer

      And do not report those you see with pressure cooker bombs or suicide vests. That’s wacist!

  • marty_p

    Strike up a conversation …here’s some suggestions.
    Nice day for a bus bombing.
    Is your clitoris intact or did you have FGM?
    Can you believe how those Sharmuta Western girls dress?
    Wanna come to the next BDS meeting?
    What are your husband’s other wives like?
    Do you engage in Threesomes with your husband’s other wives?

    • Editor

      You smooth talker, you. I bet you get all the muslimas.

    • deplorabledave


  • andycanuck

    I know the harassment charges are b.s. but if they want not to be harassed, then they should stop killing everyone else in the freaking world!

  • pdxnag

    That will just embolden them to intensify their demand that you enforce Sharia in its full and bloody glory. Victory is near.

  • Mickey Oberman

    Send them back to their homelands.
    So simple. No fuss.
    Millions of dollars saved in so many expenditures necessary for Muslims from welfare to toilets foot washes.