Audi slammed for ‘sexist’ advert in China comparing women to second hand cars

The commercial, for Audi’s pre-owned car sales website, shows a bride about to get married before the groom’s mother marches over to inspect her nose, ears and teeth. She then glances at the bride’s breasts.

It finishes with a voiceover reading the tagline: “An important decision must be made carefully.”

  • J. C.

    No one wants to pay full price for something that’s been driven hard and has excessive mileage on it…

    It’s the same reason you see so many 40+ single women nowadays! 😉

  • John the Mad

    “An important decision must be made carefully.”

    Indeed. Decisions like how to advertise in one of the world’s biggest markets.

  • andycanuck

    Don Draper’s still alive and living in China?

  • Hard Little Machine

    Maybe she’s a horse or a slave or a prostitute.

  • Brett_McS

    The Chinese run their cars into the ground; typically they never even change the oil. So, don’t buy second hand Chinese. On the other hand, second hand Japanese cars are a bargain – typically always garaged and properly serviced. I don’t know about the women…