After blowing July 1 deadline, Canada seems likely to legalize pot while ignoring UN treaties

Since a July 1 deadline to start withdrawing from international narcotics treaties has passed, the federal government is left with fewer, and much more awkward, ways of legalizing marijuana by July of 2018 without breaking international law, an expert says.

“The government still does have some options,” says Steven Hoffman, a professor at York University in Toronto who specializes in global health law. “Those options are not all great, but they are still options.”


  • John Boy

    Now that Justin has recited the Shahada it is part of his new religion to practice taqiyya.

    Plus Mohammad was proud to break any treaty he made with Kaffur once those treaties no longer benefited his purposes.

  • Exile1981

    Justin thinks of himself as a bad boy rebel… so he figures that excuses his breaking international law.

    • Observer

      Marijuana is particularly bad if you smoke a lot while you are still under 25 during the period when most of the structural brain development is still occuring.

      So Justin wants as many young voters as possible to partake so they can be as stupid as he is.

      Justin’s plan is that then they will all vote for him, but he forgot that they are likely to forget when election day is.

      • terrence22

        And if they smoke cigarettes as well as marijuana, their lung problems will sky-rocket – much more likely to get lung cancer and COPD as well as a number of problems that one is more likely to get if one has COPD – some examples: chest infections, pneumonia, collapsed lung,osteoporosis, anxiety and depression, – fluid retention, problems with blood circulation can cause fluid to pool, particularly in the feet and ankles, and hypoxaemia – caused by lack of oxygen to the brain, its symptoms include cognitive difficulties such as confusion, memory lapses and depression

  • Bla Bla

    Geez, at this rate, we are going to be placed under sanctions by the rest of the world… But this would suit taliban trudeau’s needs fine. Much easier to control a starving population into submission.

  • simus1

    Vote whoring deliver the goodies time table:
    Election #1 campaign, promise goodies!
    Election #2 campaign, just a few more difficulties to overcome, goodies on the way!
    Election #3 campaign, see we delivered the last goodies as promised! Now more!

  • LairdKintyre

    Another reason why the Millenials should be disenfranchised. No-one should be allowed to vote unless age 30 and be a land owner. As Churchill said, if you aren’t a Conservative by 30 you lack a brain.

  • terrence22

    Mayor Moonbeam (of Vancouver, BC) has been issuing “licences” to “medical” and “recreational” marijuana stores for well over a year.

    His lordship and the rest of the political hacks in Silly Hall are above, and do not have to follow federal law.