Trudeau Government Promises Tax Loopholes

Start with Trudeau’s money:

The Canadian government on Tuesday announced proposed tax reforms meant to close loopholes for those that use private corporations to reduce the amount of tax they pay as part of the Liberals’ promise to end such tax breaks for the wealthy.

The government said in a consultation paper it will seek input on three specific tax practices to fix the unintended consequences of having a lower corporate tax rate than the personal tax rate, and encourage executives to reinvest profits in their companies.

  • ontario john

    Maybe Trudeau can celebrate his green energy efforts, by flying to Ontario, where a wind turbine factory announced today it is closing down laying off 340 staff. I wonder how much money Wynne sunk into that white elephant.

    • terrence22

      “how much money” S/B ” how much TAXPAYER money”

  • Gary

    Remember the Panama Papers ?
    Justin was outraged at Tax evaders like Paul Martin and other wealthy Liberals. He then rewards the Public Union members in the CRA with over $400,000,000.00 more in the budget to create MORE Union jobs.

    Seems like he planned to protect the Paul Martin Liberals
    and his own Wealth hidden outside Canada.

    Why would crooks call the Cops to report that crooks stole from them when all they own came from stolen money.
    I still believe that Trudeau’s plan in the 1970’s was to flood the Nation with ignorant peons for cheap labour and future Liberal voters that are too stupid to ever figure out that they had their votes bought.
    But today…… the sloths WANT their votes bought with more FREE stuff and to bring in relatives for FREE stuff and some want to live by Sharia to like they are back home , minus the filth and rapes.

  • Marius K

    1. Government employees pensions and benefits are “unfair” when compared to those incorporated self-employed.

    2. Taxing doctors more will result in reduced commitment in hours and in morale, so those who are in support closing “loopholes” , should not complain later that health care system is sub-standard , if they can find a doctor.

    • k1962

      Exactly! They need to start taxing pensions and benefits because it’s unfair to those who don’t have these “little” extras. See where this could lead?

      • Concerned Canadian

        They already tax pensions.

        • k1962

          When are they taxed? In retirement? And benefits?

  • Praxis Archon

    This is a massive tax hike. Although potentially ruinous the virtue signalling limousine liberal voters will get a taste of their own medicine. If only I hadn’t wasted my time with a useless education I’d be outta this country licketysplit.

  • Shebel

    Does this have any effect on Trust Funds ?

    • Frances

      Not so far as I know; just on new trusts. So Justine and buds get to keep theirs; those of us trying to leave a bit to the kiddies are SOL. However, trusts did get their preferential tax treatment removed some years ago; don’t know how well that’s working with off-shore funds.

      • Trudeau won’t screw his rich friends over.

        This is smoke and mirrors.

        • Frances

          All same as removal of capital gains exemption in early 1990’s: the assumption was that the boyos had all taken their full exemptions, so no use letting the peons have it.

          • BY definition, the peons deserve to have no money left after the thieves have taken it.