The Tyranny of Pseudo-Science

The hysterical reaction of the left to Scott Pruitt’s plan to create two competing teams of scientists to study from opposite positions the left’s pet myth, man-made global warming, shows just how anti-science the left has become.  The left is a single, stupid collective mind that is utterly incapable of truly independent and free thought.  The left is very much like the Inner Party in Orwell’s classic, 1984, where party members believe things that are obviously not true and in which dissent is – quite literally – unthinkable.

  • Rohan Donald

    Darwin’s theory of evolution is thrown out with the climate change bathwater. Is that some kind of two for one deal?

  • Alain

    We have been down this road before where “science” must conform to the official doctrine, which means it no longer qualifies as science. It happened in past times with the Catholic Church and it happened in the earlier years of the Soviet Union as a couple of examples.

    Furthermore any time the claim is made that “the science is settled” tells us that we are not dealing with science; we are dealing with some official doctrine. True science is never settled.

    • Watchman

      Witness the similar insistence that sexuality is societally determined, not biologically determined. Witness that this claim refutes the idea that gays are ‘born that way’ and must be accepted because their sexual preference cannot be changed.

    • terrence22

      The only “science” that is ever “settled” is political science, as practiced in dictatorships. Venezuela is the lasted example.

    • mauser 98


  • mauser 98
  • DJ

    Scientists are the new priests, Scientism a new religion, and so ‘consensus’ creeps in because anything else is blasphemy. Let’s not forget that a great deal of scientists work for universities, which are blighted institutions in the modern era. Any new data will never be accepted easily by people who made a career clinging to specific theories, yet so many people view scientists as “objective.” On the contrary, a great deal are all too human and serve their own interests to a fault

    • Alain

      Also governments have been refusing fund or offer grants to any research scientist who does not embrace the official doctrine.