She’s a lawyer who helps undocumented immigrants stay in the U.S. But at any moment, she could be deported herself.

Luis Angel Reyes Savalza, Ms. Mateo’s immigration lawyer. He also is an undocumented immigrant.


She spends her days preparing legal strategies to help undocumented immigrants stay in the country. But at any moment, Lizbeth Mateo could be picked up for deportation herself. She is an immigration lawyer with her own immigration lawyer.

Last month, Ms. Mateo was officially sworn in as a lawyer, taking an oath to uphold the United States Constitution. After years of flaunting her status as undocumented and openly defying immigration law, she is now part of the legal system and hopes to represent clients who, like her, entered the United States illegally.

…In 2014, California became the only state in the country to allow undocumented immigrants to practice law. The next year, New York courts reached a similar conclusion. There is no official count of how many undocumented immigrants are now working as lawyers, but Mr. Reyes Savalza can name about a dozen.

…Ms. Mateo came to the United States with her family from Oaxaca as a teenager in 1998.

Deport her NOW. She can send a thank you note to the New York Times for bringing her to Trump’s attention.

  • Drunk_by_Noon

    “Immigration lawyer, naturalize thyself!”
    Yeah, just to show how subversive my state has become our legislature and governor has allowed ILLEGAL ALIENS to pass the state bar.
    My state is in the pocket of the left, they have driven out and ethnically cleansed the state with confiscatory taxation and refiled the state will illegal aliens on welfare. Declare war and invade us to save us from this foreign peril and treason.

    • I’ll mention it to my MP.

      • Drunk_by_Noon

        You will!
        You are tops ‘Mamba!

    • Alain

      I feel your pain, but remember that is just a state. Imagine how it feels when your whole country is the same.

      • Dana Garcia

        Jerry Brown would like Mexifornia to become its own diverse utopian nation.

  • DonaldDouglas

    That’s the New York Times, right? I thought I saw that earlier. So progressive. So politically correct, my stomach’s about to hurl lol.

  • Gary

    This case reminds of the illegals trades people in canada that are building residential dwellings.

    When I was in the Investment business I had to file for a RCMP background check with every Address , every Job , all the phone number and names of People I worked under, 3 references from Professional ( Dr, Lawyer , Dentist , Financial employee) and the Bank Manager where I had an account .
    If I was alleged to have misused any Money or broken any Rule for a Client account and Transaction , my Passport would be Frozen by the RCMP so I couldn’t flee canada .
    i would go thorough a Hearing and be fined or banned from the Industry .

    But somehow illegals can do poor quality work on Dwelling that can get occupants killed one day and all they have to do is board a plane back how where nobody will be held responsible for the deaths other than the Contractor Co if their was one. When i see high buildings in foreign Countries that fall over and kill people because they didn’t meet the Codes via corruption. i wonder if the people at Toronto’s City Hall know that THEY will be going to jail when a build collapses .
    Toronto is so desperate for tax dollars that they are handing out Condo Permit so fast the ink is still wet . Toronto also embraces the 300,000 illegals where some may be the home reno jobs , but in my area I’m seeing cheap wood and quick jobs for the money while the home owner wants to save money. I offered to do a Porch repair to reproduce the trim and steps by the good pieces left over . The owner found a low priced handy man team and it looks like a mess that doesn’t match original sections that didn’t need work.
    If i was buying that house I’d notice the porch right away and see how how much I must spend to correct it. Other homes I seen have Electrical issue for unmarked Wires to trace them or are too short to pull out a junction box to examine it or add a new Wire for a low power outside security light.

    Having a good Fire dept and lots or Lawyers and Hospitals is NOT how to treat this shoddy work and keep allowing illegals to pour in and do Home repair where they can get someone killed and just leave Canada to never to a day in jail .

    Home reno shows give examples of dangerous repairs that look nice but can be a fire wanting to happen or a floor that will collapse.

    • Ottawa Eyes

      You should see the list of who gets the Habitat for Humanity homes that are built.

      • Drunk_by_Noon

        I’ll have “free shit white people can’t have” for $500, Alex!

      • Gary

        I took Residential Construction in school along with Drafting and Electrical. Several years ago i watch this Row House unit going up. It took so long to build it and then one day i saw that it hasn’t changed in over 45 years.
        Two days later I had a flash of genius and came up with new way to build homes in 30% of the time and cheaper to Insure plus to heat and cool.
        Jimmy Carter is a nice man doing good, but as a carpenter and home builder he never cared that much to see what I saw and help the low-income people buy a house rather than his plan to just keep doing it the same way as rely on charity. These single moms won’t have babies for life….and who gets the house when she has adult kids on their own and sells the place for big bucks on the open market ??
        Don’t keep going fishing for them every day ….teach them to fish and feed them self.

        Housing companies are making so much money right now that not one of them were interested in my design . Things are too good right now and why change when all they are going to do is help the poor and not make huge bags of money.
        Plus the real estate people get paid as a % of the house price a does the Government for the Mill-Rate to set the Property tax.

        There’s no money in saving money when it come to the Government. They pay the highest prices for the poorest quality work and goods.

  • tom_billesley

    All part of the trafficking business. RICO charges?

  • WalterBannon

    everyone needs to send a complaint about her to ICE along with the address of her office