Qatar, Saudi Arabia to Islamize One of Europe’s Greatest Cathedrals

In 550 the Cathedral of Córdoba was a Christian basilica, dedicated to a saint; then, in 714, it was occupied by the Muslims, who destroyed it and converted it into the Great Mosque of Córdoba during the reign of Caliph Abd al Rahman I. The site was returned to Catholic worship by King Ferdinand III in 1523 and became the current great Cathedral of Córdoba, one of the most important sites of Western Christianity. Now an alliance of secularists and Islamists are trying to turn the church back to Islamic worship.

  • irishrus

    Why not? The real Catholic Church is not in charge of bricks and mortar and pretty much ready to go underground like at the time of the Cure de Ars and the French revolution … only the whole enchilada this time.

    • Ego

      Because, as the article says, it is one of the most important sites of Western Christianity.
      Because turning it into a mosque would be a sign of and a victory for Islamic supremacism.
      Because symbols are important, especially in an ideological war.
      And the ‘real Catholic Church’ as represented by the current Pope has precious little to do with Catholicism or faith. It won’t go underground. Instead, in it bottomless stupidity, it openly fraternizes with its mortal enemy.

  • Tooth&Claw

    Destroy it first, then if you must hand it over to Islam.

    • No.

      Make it into a bacon-curing factory.

      THEN hand it over.

      If they still want it.

    • simus1

      saudi salifi jihadist doctrine holds the most extreme muslim tenets on the subject and exerts substantial influence at the highest levels. It is crystal clear when the subject of architecture as idol is involved that it can only be resolved by elimination of the offending structure via publicly witnessed destruction monitored closely by the devout.

      • Tooth&Claw

        I’d still rather have it destroyed than taken over, and pour bacon grease all over the site and bury pigs there.