Our Corrupt Media Is Now Haunted By All The Precedents They Set While Colluding With Obama

Barack Obama trafficked guns to Mexican drug lords, secretly delivered pallets filled with billions in cash to Iran’s America/Jew-hating mullahs, left four Americans to die in Benghazi and then lied about it, allowed his Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to exchange government favors for hundreds of millions of dollars slushed into the Clinton Foundation, sic’d his IRS on everyday, law-abiding Americans, and used a trillion dollars in “stimulus” funds to pay off his cronies, like those behind a boondoggle called Solyndra.

And all along, over eight terrible years, our media did a whole lot more than just let Obama get away with it. They wholeheartedly colluded.

  • The Butterfly
  • JoKeR

    But what about the entertainment value?
    “… shits down a restaurant…”

    • The Butterfly

      Doing the jobs Americans won’t do.

    • Well, if they were ill, then they might just …

      Do you know what? It doesn’t matter.

  • Gary

    And yet John Moore from CFRB 1010 am radio keeps insisting that there is NO liberal bias in the media or at the CBC.
    Moore interview a young man that said that the 19 muslims rounded up by the RCMP were innocent and victims of racial profiling. He ate it up and gave the muslims plenty of time to spew his lies.

    But later on , those 19 young pakistani muslim male were tied to a fake School in Ottawa for the Students VISA’s while their Passports and ID were forged papers in Pakistan. Four were caught taking flying lesson that went near the Pickering Nuclear plant and they were seen scouting the cool water Intake Ducts along the beach area.
    The Pakistani-19 that were hero’s to the left were actually part of 26 illegals that RCMP deported . The 19 had expired VISA’s and stayed , plus the apartment of the 4 that took flying lesson had a schematic of a 757 on the wallk and a mock-up control panel from old boxes and felt pens .

    Nice one John Moore , you aided the enemy to shill for 19 muslims where four may have hijacked a 757 from Pearson to ram into a Nuclear Plant.
    Liberalism is a mental disorder where they don’t give a damn how many innocent people get slaughtered for their ideal s or policy.
    Justin now wants to bring in more rapists, homophobes and pedophiles.

    • The Butterfly

      John Moore doesn’t even know which hole it’s supposed to go into.

    • mauser 98
      • Watchman

        Sunday afternoon. Ben Dover.

      • Gary

        He crusades for the Global warming causes and supports Al Gore. But he had a large house by himself plus his dog and drove a Audi. Liberals always want everyone else to live like paupers to save the Planet as they produce a carbon Footprint in one year where I would need 20 years to even come close.
        Gore and Suzuki have a combined 9 Houses and Jet around the Globe. Gore’s Utility bills as $40,000.00 a year to heat and run the AC in the summer. Obama now hangs around White Billionaires and got a $70 million book while his 4th Mansion her just bought was $8.2 million.

        i can understand Whites voting for him to not look like a racist , but blacks that voted for him twice must be really stupid to think he cared about the poor and taxing the 1% filthy rich.


    • Clausewitz

      John Moore was the major reason that I stopped listening to CFRB after 30 of loyal listenership.

      • Gary

        I thought he was pretty arrogant by the way he mocked callers that questioned the Global Warming claims caused by man. Plus when a caller made a point based on their experience or what they read and heard …Moore would demand Examples of their views they support as if all of his friends are habitual liars and morons that spew falsehoods every day .
        Moore wants to claim their is NO media bias but has no proof to show it, yet he demands callers give dates and Quotes to prove their stance that their is bias.

        I don’t record every News report or save every News Paper article where I see an overt bias because one day I’ll call a radio show where the host assumes everyone is a liar and idiot making up things in the fantasy World where I have to back my claims for them.

        One day he mentioned about the Montreal Just For Laughs events where he was a stand-up comic. That’s was the only time i laughed at what he ever said. His jokes were very dry and monotone to not know where the joke was , I had to hear the punchline and works backwards to fine the joke.

  • Tooth&Claw

    Eff the media. Whores for the Leftist wreckers.

  • Remember when Obama laughed at Romney’s concerns over Russia?