Cops can’t find any of these violent Muslim ‘migrants’ in U.S.

On June 19, Aisha Ibrahim became the latest Muslim migrant to jump bail after charged with a violent crime.

  • Dave

    That’s a she???
    No wonder they go after our women.

    • The Butterfly

      I just threw up in my mouth a little.

  • Alain

    The cops cannot find them, because they are likely now in Canada. Yes, our government welcomes them and the RCMP acts as hotel porters for all criminals and thugs jumping the border.

    • Canadian Born

      I agree completely, Canadians can’t be that stupid to not realize, they are in Canada. I just wonder how much Junior is going to give them, as he welcomes them here!

  • Dana Garcia

    Aren’t immigrants accused of crime and released on bail unlikely to appear at court?

    After all, they have a spare country to which they can return, unlike the rest of us.

  • Reader
  • Norman_In_New_York

    Jihad is war, not crime, and it’s long overdue that we treated it accordingly.

  • Gary

    Muslims knows where they are and WHO they are.
    The Toronto Police had recently been ordered to notify a Mosque if they plan to visit it , it must be a 24 hour warning even if related to a Criminal issue.

    Hmmmmm……Imam need time to hide the terrorists and weapons.

  • k1962

    Walking to Canada…