BBC : Muslims ‘afraid to go out’ for fear of Islamophobics.

Because of ‘recent terrorist attacks’ in the UK it seems that the Muslim community here are now in a state of fear. Dal Babu a former Met policeman who now works for the Muslim Council of GB, said attacks on Muslims were not as high as reported on social media but he pointed pithily to, ‘A contagion of fear.’

h/t Marvin

  • ontario john

    Oh my God! How will they be able to get out and rant about killing the filthy Jews and Christians.

  • Clink9

    These clowns are the exact opposite of how to be a successful, healthy adult.

    How do they even tie their shoes in the morning?

    Oh ya, sandals.

  • Dana Garcia

    If only. . .

    Crime proliferation — like jihad murders — paints a different picture.

  • Blacksmith

    IF, and I do mean if this were true it would only be reaping what they have sewn.

  • shasta

    “Muslim community here are now in a state of fear”

    Its a start – now how do we get them to leave?

  • That’s interesting.

    Christians, Jews, homosexuals, women, children, disabled persons and atheists are afraid to go out because of real threats to their lives, not fake ones used to garner sympathy.

  • Gary

    Interesting trick. They stop reporting FAKE hate-crimes and then claim that the attacks are Zero because muslims aren’t going outside.
    Thus……they have their proof for islamophobia and it backs the fake hate-crimes.

    The Muslim Lawyers must have thought of that one. The fake hate crimes just proves that islam need hatred to spread and grow because the young males see islam as being attack and they also read how they must protect islam.
    Linda Sarsour is inciting Jihad from the ignorant muslim youth in the mosques just as CAIR Canada fabricated hate crimes which was then used by CAIR’s Dr.Sheema Khan to repeat it in her Globe&Mail OP-ED’s ( I’ve seen it as well as CAIR D.C. posting fake hate-crimes from canada as CAIR-CAN posts fake USA hate-crimes)

    This tactic by Imams could backfire because women can now claim that they don’t go near muslims areas and have NEVER been raped .
    See how this works

  • Hard Little Machine

    I am afraid I will be stopped from chopping up infidels in the street.

  • Drunk_by_Noon

    But if the Muslims are afraid to go out, then who will throw acid in our women’s faces?

  • Tooth&Claw

    What blatant liars they are!

  • Ego

    “Because of ‘recent terrorist attacks’ in the UK it seems that the Muslim community here are now in a state of fear”
    What they are actually saying is that they are afraid the West would react reasonably — i.e. with anger at practically the only population that kills, maims, and wants to foist its ways on the host country.
    If Muslims are really afraid (which I doubt) then they have all reason to, and they know it.
    Of course the whining is just part of their victimology farce, considering the West’s phobia of ‘Islamophobia,’ but yes, the West _should_ be angry.
    Instead, it is cowed, and for no reason.

    • According to Ibn Warraq, the Islamist mindset is one of paranoia and victimisation. In short, this is yet another display of that.

      • Ego

        An often missed aspect of Muslim victimization is that it serves to legitimize jihad. This is important to Muslims because while only the Caliph can declare offensive jihad, defensive jihad is allowed if the Muslim community is under attack. So Muslims need the pretext of being attacked to continue waging jihad.

  • simus1

    “A former met policeman”?
    That’s quite an understatement considering the chief inspector was a multi decade prime shit disturber on fighting descrimination inside the police force who ran rings around the dullard high level plods trying to sidetrack him out of promotions.

  • ontario john

    One of the Toronto Star’s bag over the head muslim journalists, is complaining about those damn Christians and atheists in Quebec, rejecting a muslim cemetery. Strange how she is outraged about that, but not an imam in Montreal ranting about killing Jews.

  • JoKeR
    • P

      Afraid of their bloodthirsty, non-existent deity perhaps. And, I suppose, the female muslims are afraid of being raped by their male co-religionists.

      • John Boy

        Everybody is afraid of being raped by their males, regardless of your gender.