And Now, A Dog Saves a Baby Deer

He pulled this fawn to safety:

  • Hard Little Machine

    Imma eat you nom nom nom

  • moraywatson

    Headline: Retriever goes out for swim. Picks up lunch on way home.

  • dukestreet

    The dog was doing a pretty natural but,amazing thing. I don’t necessarily think it’s that unusual.
    There is a monkey ( Macaque I think) that they figure must have had some experience with electrical wires where they live. One resuscitated his electrocuted buddy after he had fallen from the wires. It was amazing to watch.

  • Watchman

    Must be like all those ducks my friend’s hunting dog saved from the water after they had problems continuing to fly above the water. The sound of a shotgun blast seemed to be coincident with the ducks’ flight problems, and I fear that despite his hunting dog’s best efforts, no duck ‘saved’ survived the rescue.

  • Maggat

    There are times when I think dogs are a lot nicer than many humans.