Worshippers refusing to go through metal detector gates hold prayer outside Al Aqsa compound

Dozens of Palestinian worshippers Monday prayed in the alleys of the Old City of Jerusalem leading to Al Aqsa Mosque after they refused to enter the Muslim holy place going through metal detector gates recently placed at the mosque entrances by Israeli police.

  • Nic

    Denying the poor muslims their rights to stab infidels those islamophobes!

  • Brett_McS

    How dare they stop Muslims from offering their deities favourite form of worship: Murdering Jews.

  • Gary

    I now see why they are the most hated faith and groups of people on Earth. I used to think that canada had a few bad apples but now I see that the whole orchard has poisoned trees producing toxic fruit that getting people killed .

  • I figure it’s a delaying tactic until they all can get ceramic knives.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    In the article’s other picture, it looks like they are bowing down before Israel’s border guards, thereby acknowledging who their real masters are.

  • fedupwithislam

    Since they refuse to enter take this at face value and fobid entry permanently. Let them go to Mecca instead. They have no historical or religious claim to the Temple mount

  • simus1

    Those declining to use the electronic metal detectors should not have been let go until they went through the old style wooden club metal detectors.

  • Watchman

    The Israelis need to spread the rumour that these are not actually metal detectors but Gaydar instruments that emit undetectable waves that detect homosexuality with 75% accuracy, but has a risk of 7% of causing homosexuality in an single scan of non-homosexuals.