True selves

News of a world-first designation of a gender-free baby in Canada will come as no surprise, but should come with significant alarm. Canadian officials have issued an identification card with a U where an M or F should be, standing for unassigned.

Other government authorities are refusing to issue a birth certificate for the child, Searyl Alti, unless a gender is stated in the application, much to the ire of the transgender/non-binary mother, Kori Doty.

‘I want my kid to have all of the space to be the most whole and complete person that they can be,’ says Doty.

As a psychiatrist I have many patients who speak of being stuck in the wrong body. I have young men taking steroids assuring me their Herculean bodies are merely a step on the journey to their authentic selves. Other patients speak of finding their essence after I prescribe them anti-depressants. And there is the new epidemic of gender-confused patients like Doty determined to be something other than their biological sex.

On each occasion, the true self is that which is produced by medical science.

  • Gary

    looks like our SIN card will be useless and the World will be one big quasi-nation to get social programs no matter where you live or where you were born.
    Toronto already get free Health care and welfare to the 300,000+ illegals and i guess that anyone in Cuba or Somalia can just come here and get Housing and welfare .
    Why work for things in life when there are wealthy white nations to parachute into and bilk the taxpayers.

    • Ottawa Eyes

      Don’t forget government housing which goes to refugees and not-whites before those Canadians who have been waiting on the lists for over a decade.

      • Sex change medicine is nothing more than 21st century witch doctoring.

        The medical community and society should be embarrassed.

        • Observer

          The doctors involved should be charged with malpractice and criminal fraud.

        • Clink9

          It’s the new bloodletting. Future generations will howl with laughter.

      • Gary

        Toronto alone has a 9 year waiting list for a single mom while refugees parachuted into the Regent Park housing right after it had a $1.2 Billion Reno. About 60% of those on welfare are niqab / hijab wearing muslims that took over the Rec Centre and now impose Sharia for using the swimming pool .
        Muslims have their own swim times and cover any windows during the women only swim.
        Toronto Council approved this and has no plans to stop the spread of sharia once muslims are 90% of the population and make it a quasi islamic state or Caliphate funded by the fitly Infidels that let them into the Country.

  • Blacksmith

    “On each occasion, the true self is that which is produced by medical science.”
    Actually Science doesn’t produce shit but theories. Nature is what produces self. If you have the dangly bits you are a male, if you have the pay slot you are female.

  • Hard Little Machine

    I hope Mother Government starts imprisoning people for referring to THEMSELVES as either male or female.

  • Reader
  • A Hamilton Guy

    I believe any body in the head shrink business is full of shit.