Sweden: Woman (45) raped in forest by three men of “East African appearance”, aged 15-20

“The description we have received is that the suspects were dark-clad, 15 to 20 years old, had an East-African appearance and escaped on a moped. That is the most detailed description we have.“

  • Clink9

    If Swedes are unwilling to offer up their mothers and daughters, they don’t deserve anymore immigrants.

  • The Butterfly

    It’s a good thing she has a feminist government to console her.

  • tom_billesley


  • Hard Little Machine

    She gave a ride to three young men already on a moped?

  • In a sane society, the perps would be shot on sight.

  • Reader
  • Gary

    Quranimals strike again.

    This is what Trudeau wants to bring to canada.
    The Muslims MP in my area is handing out sign that refugees are welcome , it’s written in English and Arabic.
    But it’s BS because Trudeau won’t let in the Christian refugees that speak arabic. My neighbours are bigots and want to look trendy to back the latest caused. The area has lots a retired teachers that support the NDP and isaw lawn signs for each cause like the $14 an hour min wage and Electric GO trains.