Quebec Imams Angry Over Cemetery Vote

The news of Sunday night’s vote opposing the creation of a Muslim cemetery in Saint-Apollinaire, Que. has been met with disbelief and dismay in the Muslim community, says a well-known Quebec imam.

“People are demoralized. Outraged. They’re outraged at how come only 19 people can decide the fate of thousands of people,” Hassan Guillet told CBC News on Monday morning.

Guillet said it’s important to recognize the decision was not a rejection of the Muslim community in Quebec, but rather the rejection of the creation of a cemetery by the people who live adjacent to the proposed project.

Still, he expressed his personal disappointment, saying he believed the area was well situated for a burial ground.

“I was very sad. Surprised and especially very sad and upset.”

Only residents who lived adjacent to the proposed site were allowed to cast ballots. The vote was 19-16 against the cemetery, with one spoiled ballot.

Quebec Muslims currently bury people in a cemetery in Laval. After the Quebec City mosque shooting last January, the mayor of the city vowed to create a burial ground for Muslims.