POLL: Is Justin Trudeau doing a good job so far?

This is a live on-going poll that’s shared via Social Media all across Canada, with what you know, is Trudeau doing a good job so far?

  • Literally Hitler

    He’s doing a great job of bankrupting this county. Spoiler alert: 98% for the ‘no’ side so far.

    • Bla Bla

      Bankrupting the country and funding terrorism. Anyone else would be hauled off to the RCMP, investigated, and imprisoned.

      That’s our taliban trudeau!

  • dance…dancetotheradio

    Holy smokes.
    Almost all votes are No.

  • Alain

    Just took it and only 2% had voted yes at the time, with 98% voting no.

  • Spatchcocked

    He’s like Wynne on crack…..he’s out of control.
    He really is a 12 year old.
    He’s a pot head you know…..laying there in bed stoned he has these fabulous pipe dreams……hippy type dreams…..Messianic dreams.

    Pass the Cheetos Sophie.

  • DMB

    Justin is doing a great job being a tool for the global liberal ellite who have nothing but hostile intentions towards Canada. He is mindless without any real thoughts or opinions of his own. He never took anything serious in his entire life. He eagerly lip sings his handlers mandates given to him without question never once without regard to the harm and damage it may occur. Most political leaders have at least thoughts and opinions or just even a point of view of their own. When on the “take” such as Wynne who is motivated by greed and corruption Justin only motives on what he does is his belief on that he has a birth right to be the Prime Minister making everything else he does in his mind irrelevant. Justin is a real life Pinocchio a pretender trying to be real.

  • DMB

    Liberal Canada Legalized Bestiality – Which Animals Are Most At Risk?


    • Linda1000

      Oh, puke! Disgusting. There has to be some better way to appoint Supreme Court judges with term limits.

    • Literally Hitler

      Just because our government screws the pooch on a regular basis should not make it legal.

  • Is “hell, no” an option?

  • 2maxpower

    given his mental capacity he is doing markedly well. those pulling the strings are destroying the country. but since that is their goal they are doing swimmingly.

  • dukestreet

    He’s never been capable of anything. I doubt he actually did any supply drama teaching. Even his own drama is very bad.