Muslim Brotherhood making inroads into eastern Germany

Back in October 2014, when the first PEGIDA demonstrators took to the streets to warn of the looming Islamisation of their homeland, there were practically no Muslims to be found in the German state of Saxony. Their share of the population lay under one percent, a fact that the media would constantly harp on in order to hold the Islamoskeptic PEGIDA protest group up to ridicule. Yet things have changed significantly since then in the wake of the mass influx of “asylum seekers”, whereby no one can say precisely how high the number of Muslims in the Free State of Saxony has already become, thanks to the authorities’ persistent failure to properly register the masses of so-called “refugees”.

  • Gary

    How stupid can muslims be to obey the quran and kill-off all the hard-working smart people which will send them back about 800 years to dirt roads, filthy water , donkey pulling carts, candles and even less toilet paper than they use now.

    Why not just have them all migrate to Afghanistan to get a taste of allahs peace and his future that awaits them. Millions of muslims are fleeing islamic nations as it is…why would they embrace a hell-hole of filth and hatred with no cars and music.

    • Drunk_by_Noon

      “How stupid can muslims be to…”
      Astonishingly stupid!
      Think almost 100-generations-of-inbreeding levels of stupid.