Islamism is a far bigger problem than Islamophobia

The liberal-left is obsessed by the spectre of Islamophobia. Whenever there is a terrorist outrage, its leading lights are always keen to move the debate on – from the problem of Islamism, the number of jihadists in this country and the incubation of so many would-be mass child-murderers in Britain – and on to the safer ground of Islamophobia.

  • Gary

    Our leaders keep referring to muslims as a Race of people. Even the Human Rights Commissions give muslims the equal protection to a race of people.

    • Ed

      Why isn’t there “Buddaphobia” then? That’s also a brown religion.

    • Blacksmith

      Then what I flush down the toilet must be a race also. It is brown and useless except as fertilizer.

      • Gary

        I opposed the quran in the toilet only because people don’t know it’s illegal to flush toxic waste into the sewage system .
        Burning a quran gives it value in the cold or for camping to fry fish or cook bacon.

  • marty_p

    Toronto Star and Crescent continues its expose on FGM:
    Next time you wonder why your medical procedure or specialist appointment is delayed – it may be due to OHIP resources being spent repairing FGM damage:
    “Ontario doctors repairing cases of female genital mutilation done a world away”

    Islam/Muslims the gift that keeps on giving (and taking and taking and taking).

  • sk6actual

    Before presenting placards extolling the virtues of Islam may I suggest spending a year or two among them, say in Raqqua, Mosul, Tehran, maybe Mali or Sudan, especially homosexuals. Certainly an experience to die for … so to speak.

  • Bless his heart


    Islam is here to kill all not Islam. That is the end game of Sharia Law.

  • caliroxanne

    “Islamism”??? Nonsense! The problem is ISLAM, not Islamism, jihad, radicalism, “radical Muslim,” “Muslim extremism” or any of the other BS terminology used to try and separate Islam from the actions of the practitioners of Islam.

    • Alain