Hate-spewing ISIS supporter, who posted homophobic rants online has been working as a teaching assistant in British secondary schools

Imran Miah, 27, who has taught at a number of secondary schools in Britain, set out his vile agenda on Facebook and Instagram.

He warned that religious opponents face attack with a ‘blunt butter knife’ and issued a series of deeply disturbing homophobic statements. In one sickening post, he endorsed the barbaric execution of homosexuals.

As well as celebrating IS military victories on Facebook, Miah also uploaded a photograph of the terror group’s black flag and mocked the traditional minute’s silence for its victims.

A supply teaching assistant, Miah is believed to have worked at a number of state schools in London and beyond.

  • Gary

    In Toronto they work at the TTC or are CUPE members and Cops.

    • Observer

      Teachers unions are infamous for encouraging unstable Marxists, pedophiles and Islamists to indoctrinate our young.

  • tom_billesley

    I bet he’s a whiz at assisting with the diversity and LGBTQ tolerance classes.

  • K1

    …and English Defense League members are pushed OUT OF THEIR JOBS for belonging to a group that promotes Western values and is against Muslim Grooming Gangs and Spewing Hate Against British Soldiers
    …. I think there is something WRONG with this picture…

  • bargogx1

    I guess it only makes sense that such an ardent follower of a totalitarian ideology be teaching in the state schools of the totalitarian state of Britain.