Europe Has Problems, But At Least There They Don’t Incessantly Babble About Trump

h/t El_Martyachi

I lived there twice, both times devoted to cleaning up messes Europeans had made for themselves, and besides needing to go back to research my third novel, a sequel to Indian Country and People’s Republic, I wanted to see Europe one last time before it becomes whatever the hell it’s going to become.

I’m guessing that will be something bad.

You get the idea from the media that the continent is overrun with refugees and that the people are shivering in terror. That’s just not so. Except in the cities, refugees and immigrants seem relatively uncommon. There are lots in the big cities, which many of the natives have ditched as the foreigners moved in (shades of America’s inner cities). This is where you see litter, and nowhere else. On Munich’s streets, it’s less Bavarian goodwill and more seedy foreigners staring at you and smoking vile cigarettes. However, the chicken at the Hofbraühaus is still great and the liters of beer are outstanding.

…We did talk to one German over drinks who told us he was afraid to talk politics. Of course, maybe he was afraid of us, since I had just explained that America has a terrible gun problem in that there are millions of American citizens without guns. But his real concern seemed to be saying what he really thinks in front of his friends – he did not want to speak openly and, presumably, politically incorrectly when they might hear. Creepy – and exactly the kind of subconscious fear of open discussion and expressing dissenting opinions liberals want to impose upon us at home. So say what you think, normals – don’t be like Fritz.

No one mentioned Trump. Not one person, not one time. The idea that Trump has somehow made Americans persona non grata in the Old Country is nonsense. Perhaps liberals show up there and start spontaneously apologizing to every Horst, Dick, and Harry they meet, and the locals are just being polite by nodding and hoping the lunatic with a genital hat will go away. The only reference I saw to Trump anywhere was a dumb painting in an Amsterdam shop of him and Putin in drag. This transgressive masterpiece failed to blow my bourgeois mind, or anyone else’s. In any case, the rest of the world is as utterly disinterested in the rantings of #TheResistance as are normal Americans.