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Is Canada’s medical system pushing people abroad for treatment?

The Fraser Institute report says an estimated 63,459 Canadians received non-emergency medical treatment outside Canada last year, a steady increase over previous numbers. And B.C. appears to be leading the country with the highest percentage of patients — 2.4 per cent — doing so.

Actual CNN headline: A second-by-second analysis of the Trump-Macron handshake

Is CNN really this desperate to distract away from their latest attempt to take down Trump blowing up in their face? Obviously. CNN can analysize Trump-Macron’s handshake all they want, and look like fools doing it. But they can’t take away from the fact that the whole Russia Lawyer-Donald Trump Jr. meeting was set up by Obama, Loretta Lynch, John McCain and other Democrats. They opened Pandora’s Box and now they can’t close it.

New York Mosque Calls Jesus Painting Outside Property a Criminal Offense

Police are investigating the appearance of a large portrait of Jesus Christ found outside a Long Island mosque as a bias incident, cops said Sunday.

Detectives said an employee from the Hillside Islamic Center in North New Hyde Park discovered the painting of Jesus on a cross around 5:40 p.m. Friday. The picture was found hanging from the property fence, police said.

PIX11 met members of the Islamic Center who said the person or people who did this may not understand what Jesus means to Muslims.

“As a Muslim, I love Jesus. We are told to love Jesus. He actually is a prophet of ours. And a lot of people don’t know this but he’s also our messiah,”​ Islamic Center member Eydid Ali said.

In interview with student paper, ‘white genocide’ prof remains defiant, offers no contrition

The associate professor of politics and global studies perhaps is most (in)famous for his Christmas Eve 2016 tweet “All I Want for Christmas is White Genocide.”

With that he may have tried to do himself one better; a year before he had tweeted that a school police officer should be “put up against a wall” and done “like Old Yeller.”

Canada’s G.I. Jane found worth and meaning inside one of the most dangerous areas on the planet.

Hanna Bohman’s location – “somewhere in Iraq or Syria,” she told the Toronto Sun earlier this month – remains a secret due to safety concerns.

The 48-year-old self-described “badass” is back in the Middle East for the third time since 2014 and volunteering with the YPJ, an all-female military unit in northern Syria that’s taking a two-pronged fight to ISIS while waging war in the name of feminism.