Climate Central Continues Their Arctic Fraud

Heidi Cullen’s Climate Central claims the Arctic is “crazy warm” and Arctic sea ice is doomed. In fact, the North Pole has had below normal temperatures every day since May 1, and is having one of their coldest summers on record.

  • Brett_McS

    Crazy warm …. if you’re from Uranus.

    • terrence22

      and you have your head in Uranus (your anus)

  • andycanuck

    They lie about everything all the time.

  • Gary

    I began to study Astronomy after leaving school which was several years later around 1980.
    When the Earth formed it has yet to have any more H2-O on it than the odd space debris for ice comets . It has been in the form of a gas ,Solid and liquid.

    If the ice melts it means it’s warm which means more H2-O to evapourate into the gas form as clouds that block the Sun and cool the Earth. Those clouds store the H2O that turns to rain and fills the inland dried lakes to create more Fresh water for humans and farming.
    The earth surface is about 73% water. So when I did the math for the volume of ice that Al Gore says will flood the Earth. It wouldn’t even raise Lake Huron more than 3 inches.
    Even if 25% of the surface as land had a sheet of ice on it, it would take very thick sheet to raise the oceans just 1 foot. All we have is the Poles while the ice was formed from existing water like a frozen lake and when it melts it will stay there in the liquid form .
    Don’t forget that when you see snow it take 1 foot to get 1 inch of water. The two major Oceans are about 130,000,000 sq miles .
    Does Gore have any idea for how much water it would take to raise them 18 feet?? Let alone 6 inches . How can Gore not take into account the rain that will fill in old lake beds or make new lakes.

    • Clausewitz

      Gore thinks the ice on the planet today is equivalent to the ice present during the last Ice Age. He of course is a complete idiot on this point of fact. During the last Ice Age the ice was between one and two kilometers thick on the northern and southern continents. This lead to a rise of about 100 feet world wide planet wide. The ice present today is about 2% of the ice that was here during the last ice age. Do the math folks. If all of the ice melted at best the sea levels would rise 2 feet. Remember, the south pole is not a massive slab of ice, for most of that continent it is a frozen desert. Ice cores are done at the periphery, for the most part ice depths are shallow over large portions of the continent.

      • Gary

        Correct you are Sir. If the poles did have 5000 feet of ice it would have came from the gas form to condense and form layers. That means it had to come from the liquid that turn into the gas form .

        If my fridge broke down and stopped working. The ice cubes would melt and stay there in the liquid form….but Gore is tell me that my Kitchen would be flooded.
        The earth also has miles of underground cavern tunnels and they could be flooded to counter the sea levels .
        This is why Gore tours the Kindergartens and has movies where he talks slowly and uses lots of pictures and charts. He caters to the low IQ people
        that can’t see his scam .