Berlin mayor rebuked over Imam’s call to kill Jews and stone women

A Danish imam convicted for inciting hate after he preached for the extermination of Jews during Israel’s Operation Protective Edge in 2014 appeared on Friday in Berlin at a radical mosque, triggering a new round of criticism against Mayor Michael Mueller for his failure to rein in Islamists who advocate lethal antisemitism.

  • BillyHW

    Why don’t radical Quakers ever need to be “reined in”?

    • Gary

      The Media and CBC doesn’t want to talk about how Japan doesn’t have a jihad problem.

      Japan doesn’t allow Muslims immigration or any new Permit for mosques. They are smart to contain the Cancer and stop the body from having any cancer causing toxins enter it.
      islam will make canada an islamic hell-hole . Imam Steve Rockwell boast how muslims will dominate and claim canada for allah and the caliphate.
      Rockwell married a canadian for his citizenship because we don’t take all the World’s garbage and he had to sneak in and find a pathetic lonely women that would marry a man that support ISIS and Hamas which he admitted in 2015 .

  • dapto

    All Germans are nazis they just deny it when confronted on it.

  • WalterBannon

    A “Danish” imam

    Those “Danish” barbarians are a real problem.

    Lets just nuke Denmark

  • Gary

    In Toronto. The Police have orders to provide security for the jew-hating pro-hamas muslims that hold a rally and spew calls for killing the jews.
    We are expected tolerate the muslims because they are knuckle dragging slack-jawed 10th century wife-beating savages and need about another 1500 years to to equal what we were in the 18th century .

    So get used to pedophilia and rape under Liberal Governments and giving
    $10 million to muslim terrorists that allege harm outside of canada and that we didn’t rescue their jew-hating homophobic butts fast enough .
    Watch for Omar Khadr to sue for more money because the $10.5 million was an insult and he lost sleep which is torture by-proxy.

    When do we get to sue islam for the fear of being slaughtered by one of those peaceful followers.

  • Millie_Woods

    If the imams were calling for the extermination of the west’s political class, there’d be a lot less Muslim immigration.