The people Justin Trudeau lets in to this country…

The usual suspects attended with a featured “guest”:  “Rich tributes paid to Kashmiri martyrs at Toronto Conference”

Toronto, July 16 (KMS): Hundreds of Canadians from all walks of life paid rich tributes to the struggle of the long-oppressed Kashmiri people at a conference in Toronto on July 15.

Organized by the Friends of Kashmir Committee Canada, the conference paid tribute to Burhan Wani on the first anniversary of his martyrdom. The conference also recalled the first uprising of the Kashmiri people on July 13, 1931 against Dogra raj.

The wide array of speakers from different walks of Canadian life included Sid LaCombe of the Canadian Peace Alliance (CPA), Canadian broadcaster Phil Taylor of the Taylor Report, Dr Ali Mallah, former vice president of the Canadian Arab Federation, Ken Stone, a former academic and member of the Hamilton Coalition to Stop the War, and Lord Nazir Ahmed from England.

OK the “Dr. Ali Mallah” thing is jaw dropping alone, talk about a debased credential but he is a citizen, allegedly. The featured guest ain’t.

Nazi(r) Ahmed – comes by name honestly

Have a look at Lord Nazir Ahmed the featured guest:

British MP blames jail term on Jewish ‘conspiracy’

and who could forget…

Lord Ahmed suspended from Labour Party after ‘offering £10m bounty for capture of Obama and Bush’





(PS. the “celebration” was in honour of a Muslim terrorist –

Celebrate heroes, not terrorists like Burhan Wani)

From Khadr to this Nazi, the Trudeau government proves itself Islam’s whore.