Pakistan: Christian Sewage Workers Denied Protective Gear Killed by Toxic Fumes

According to fellow sewage workers, the three men had no chance of surviving the attack, as they were not adequately trained and did not have the appropriate protective equipment.

  • BillyHW

    I don’t think we should ever forgive Ghandi for creating Pakistan.

    • Watchman

      But not forgive him for not ensuring the complete separation of muslim and non-muslims in Pakistan and India. There is still 15% of the population of India who are muslim.

  • Gary

    Yet the pakistani muslims in canada STILL cry racism act act like victims. The Toronto-18 muslims terrorists were of pakistani background and wanted to slaughter 5000+ of us via truck-bombs because Chretien had our Troops in Afghanistan killing their brothers in the Taliban.
    Pakistani’s introduced us to honour-killings , wife beating , forced marriage and child-bride pedophilia.

  • Watchman

    Was the Pakistan response to keep sending down more unprotected Christians until the job was done?

  • Countermeasures_Dispenser

    I think I remember seeing a passage in the Koran (or was it a Sura) that proscribes confined space training and protective gear for People of the Book. I may be wrong.