London: Man armed with two knives arrested outside synagogue

Police don’t believe incident is terror-related or anti-Semitic in nature.

Coulter’s Law in effect.

  • DaninVan

    “(British)Police don’t believe…”
    You can stop there and fill in the blanks. I wonder if any one’s ever done a poll of active British cops to see what they REALLY believe, instead of what the overpaid political hucksters at Head Office tell the public(?).

    • Gary

      The Toronto Police are over paid as Diversity Cops for Tourism posters at Street festival as they dance with the local and eat their food.
      The TPSB approved the Recruitment Posters for more women where it shows a happy female Cops directing traffic or helping children across the street.
      Great…..$90,000.00 , i’ll do that for $40,000.00 a year.

      but, ever since lower the age from 25 to 21 and get rid of the height standard to be bigger than 90% of the crooks. We have kids fresh out of school with little life experience in a world where pot smoking is okay while some minorities don’t have to obey Canada’s laws.
      Any surprise that these Mini-Cops now travel in 2’s while the women Cops have a 90% back-up rate for 9-1-1 calls that the males only have a 28% rate.
      Job burn-out and PTSD is at crisis levels where female Cops have the highest rates.
      Yes folks…Barbara Hall didn’t tell those female cops why they had a gun or that they would see batter wives, abuse children , suicides , dead children at car accidents and huge men beating the crap out of them as they laugh at how a 4 foot 11 cop tried to arrest them.
      This is why the NDP wants PTSD as a valid LTD claim because it hides their insane policy that is killing cops and civilians. Mini-Cops are quick to fire their gun from fear , they also see the ugly side of the City when they were told that their job was Parade Duty and Street Festivals.
      The record claims for LTD by female cops with PTSD is paid from by the Taxpayers as well as another female cops to replace them as the TPSB races towards a 50% female Police service.
      It’s okay for teachers and Nurses to be 95% females and about 80% whites…..but it’s the Cops and fire dept’s that are male dominated sexist groups protecting their high salary for an easy job.

      Even the tough butch lesbian cops have burn out as do the snow flake men that are still stronger than them.
      Barbara Hall will be in the history books for sending women and minorities to their death or metal illness by the lies that anyone can be a cop because it’s FUN and nobody dies .

  • DaninVan

    Gary; excellent points!
    I’ve been saying the same thing re the elimination of size parameters, for years. Especially for Firefighters. If I’m unconscious (I’m 190lbs) I want the Hulk to carry me down a ladder, not a pint sized wannabe.