Just A Reminder …

Shark Week begins next Sunday.


  • Clink9

    And “Jump The Shark Week” is every week at the Toronto Star, CBC, New York Times, CNN, ……..

  • simus1

    A doomed romance, he was just a mako and she was a stingray from a powerful unfeeling family ………………
    Hard to keep current. Are we for them or against them the rest of the year?

    Are “rescue sharks” just another thing used o scam gullible animal lovers and sell swimming pools?

  • Gary

    I got a laugh out of the CBC’s Strombo when he did an interview with that kid who claimed he swam with the sharks and risked death filming it.
    Not only did he steal clips from Shark week and shark documentaries, but he fake his stay in a hospital while also being in an aquarium tank to claim it’s the ocean with deadly sharks.
    They he said his boat was chased by men with weapons telling him to stop. BULL, that was the Coast Guard that must escort small ships out of their waters for safety and they have to carry weapons.
    When the one man was waving at him he was using the sign to adjust the Trim and lower the Bow to see properly for safety reasons.

    Strombo and the CBC crowd ate it up because the CBC does all their thinking for them and it must be the truth because the CBC told the truth about Omar Khadr as a victim just like Maher Arar when he was on vacation in Tunisia with is wife’s relatives linked to hamas.

    I’ve done scuba diving and boating….so I saw the lies right away and i can tell the Ocean from a water tank with fish that is filtered and have white sand on the bottom.
    Shallow water on a sunny day is lite up pretty good , indoor fish tanks with poor lighting above give you about 25 feet of vision .

  • mauser 98
  • Hard Little Machine

    Every time a shark bites someone I cheer.