Evening photos

(1) Summer campfire (Finland) by Asko Kuittinen

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(2) Forest Creek (Bavaria) by Alexander Schitschka

(3) Poplars (Oregon) by Greg Magee

(4) Snowy scene (no location given) by Bright Lights, Big City

(5) Summer green by * Yumi *

(6) Misty morning in Rogalin Landscape Park (Poland) by Janusz Błaszkiewicz

(7) St. John’s (Newfoundland) by Debby McKay

(8) Forest road (no location given) by Leo van der Sanden

(9) Mountains in a Sea of Snow (Kluane National Park) by Steven Olmstead

(10) Morning light (no location given) by Maurizio Fecchio

(11) Summer afternoon (Compton, Quebec) by Bernard Lebleu

(12) The castle of Azay-le-Rideau (France) by Pedro Szekely[Somewhere admist his thousands of photos]



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  • bob e

    forest road .. wow. Thank You Frau

  • Slickfoot

    Finland still looks cold, even with the campfire.