Down But Not Out: West Faces Long War Against Islamic State

More than 2000 IS militants are believed still to be fighting in Raqqa, many of them thought to be foreigners from North Africa, the Middle East and Central Asia. But even after the Islamic militants are defeated in the coming weeks in their self-styled Syrian capital, the terror group still will have an estimated 13,000 or so fighters in Syria and Iraq, posing a remaining threat in the Levant, warn U.S. officials and independent analysts.

  • mobuyus

    Send hunter squads to kill every last one of them.

  • Gary

    They have supporters right here in Toronto by the thousands.
    In 2015 , there was a Anti-ISIS rally held at the same spot and the same days we see the pro-hamas rallies by the jew-hating muslims.
    Since John Tory loves to boast about the 300,000 plus peaceful muslims in the GTA , you would think that there was a massive turn out. But according the News coverage ( not by the CBC or STAR) it was just over 20 people plus the few that hosted it.

    Hmmmm…so the CBC reports how about 3000 muslims come out for a pro-hamas rally while Calgary has over 1000 at a pro-hamas. Yet the liberla bias media refuses to report on muslim jihad and quran inspired violence as being done by muslims because it’s a Religion Of Peace .

    Just a reminder below in a video. The quebec mosque shooting was witnessed by muslims inside that told the police that 2 Persons rushed in while black clad and hood to yell in Arabic with a middle east accent and fire off AK-47’s .
    But in less than 10 hours later Justin Trudeau order the CBC to change the story to a Lone white male christian shooter that is a Trump supporter .
    Trudeau even threaten FOX News to purge their previous reports.

  • Hard Little Machine

    A third will return to Europe. Good luck.

  • Alain

    Is it not time to be honest and admit that the West faces a long war with Islam, full stop?

  • Dana Garcia

    The 1400-year war of islam against civilization continues.