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BBC: Schools Must Hire 70,000 Extra Non-White Teachers to Reflect Pupil Demographics

Janet Sheriff, who the BBC says is the only BME secondary school head teacher in Leeds — where nearly 30 per cent of pupils are non-white — told the public broadcaster that upping the percentage of BME teachers is “an enormous challenge for the whole education system.

“It’s vitally important that as our communities become more multicultural our schools reflect the areas where our children grow up,” she said, adding: “I do feel that when schools appoint teachers, there is an unconscious bias where white teachers are often the preferred candidate.”

What about school basketball teams?

Canada leads the world in selective enforcement for Islam and the left: Links 1, July 15, 2017

Trudeau explains how the charter of rights and freedoms must be selectively enforced to advantage muslim killers of infidels at all times in any country, while the victims of said Muslim killers must be avoided, not just ignored.

Eeyore has outdone himself this time.

Trudeau should be charged with treason for $10M payout to Muslim terrorist

“The fact is Chris Speer and myself were fighting with Canadians in Afghanistan. We were alongside the PPCLI (Princess Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry). There was a Canadian flag flying along with the American flag at our base there, so it’s quite a thing that now Canada is giving millions to a guy who would attack a compound where Canadians were serving.”

Leftist Berkeley Students Arrested On Suspicion For ‘F**k White People’ And ‘Kill Cops’ Vandalism

Ismael Chamu and Peter Estrada were arrested on Friday and Saturday, and both are under suspicion of “felony vandalism causing $400 or more in damage, the commission of a hate crime, hate crime enhancements and conspiracy,” Berkeleyside reports.

The Media Is The Greatest Enemy Of A Free Press

America isn’t supposed to have a Fourth Estate. That’s France. But that’s what the media is. It’s not a free press. It’s a cartel that leverages control over what was once the free press. Few conservatives are allowed into its ranks. Its partisan mission is to support the left and oppose the right.

The First Amendment gives the media the freedom to do it. Not the institutional authority.

After initially saying his schedule wouldn’t permit a visit, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau touched down in Calgary for the Stampede on Saturday, and was met with a mix of love and loathing.

Among those who got to meet Trudeau was sleeping baby Justin-Trudeau Adam Bilal, and his parents Afraa Hajj Hammoud and Mohammed Belal.

The two named their child after the prime minister after fleeing Syria and arriving in Canada by way of Lebanon in 2016.