Christian man arrested on blasphemy charges in Pakistan

Nadeem Ahmed, owner of an electric shop in Dinga town, filed a complaint with the police that a friend of his informed him on Thursday that a Christian sweeper allegedly had uttered remarks against the Prophet, according to Superintendent of Police Maaz Zafar.

  • PaulW

    Among other things, blasphemy laws are a great way to settle personal vendettas – take out a business rival, or just someone who looked at you funny. Simply tell the authorities that “he mocked the prophet” and away you go! (Of course, it helps if the “offending” party is non-muslim, but even this isn’t necessary.)

    • They are ways for the inbred to feel powerful.

      • Will Quest

        I suspect sweet Iqra Khalid is wet with excitement , salivating at the thought of M -103 being the solution here ……..

  • tom_billesley

    How can it be possible to blaspheme against any religion but your own?