Omar Khadr’s legal battles could last for years

Omar Khadr may have won the first round in a fight over the enforcement of a $134-million US judgment against him, but his legal ordeal could stretch on for years, possibly ending up at the Supreme Court.

  • BillyHW

    He’ll just have to console himself with all those millions of dollars provided by the Canadian taxpayer.

  • Literally Hitler

    That’s going to seriously cut into his murderous rampaging schedule.

  • Justin St.Denis

    I support any and all lawsuits targeting this POS. I hope the lawsuits erode at his ill-gotten millions and any pleasure he may derive from being alive. I hope “legal exhaustion” sets in and I read about how poor little Omar was driven to take his own life by the big mean Western world.

  • mauser 98

    $10.5 million will be chump change

    gubmint funded lawyers, human rights jihadists

    ……..a SJW blank cheque whinefest

  • Linda1000

    Meanwhile, our disabled Canadian war vets have to fight for benefits and the terrorist Khadr receives $10.5 million. The Libtard fuckheads in Ottawa have to go.

  • ntt1

    I hope kadr is forced to fight for years ,at least until the next election. It will be a battle to keep this obscene payout in front of the public eye, the media in protecting prime minister airhead, are trying their best to bury this story and keep the names of the lawyers and public officials, that approved this travesty,private.

  • You mean, he could lose that $10.5 million?

    Oh, dear …

  • eustace3

    He may be in court for years, but he will always win, as long as he stays out of USA. Note how quickly the Ont judge rejected Ms Speer’s recent motion. I just don’t believe there is a judge in Canada who would find against him and as for the Supremes, they are totally on board. And does the government have a hand in which judges hear the appeals?
    I don’t mind Khadr spending his money on lawyers but Ms Speer and L Morris have to fund their appeals on their own dime. It’s disgraceful, but
    one can’t fight city hall much less a recalcitrant foreign government.

  • Alain

    I bet that money has already disappeared and with the government’s help.