Media deep in the mud on the Don Trump-Russia question

From Derek Hunter at Townhall, on the Don Trump Jr. Russia connection:

What Don Jr. did was unseemly, but it wasn’t illegal. Although the left-wing media scrambles to turn a meeting into the Rosenbergs, conservative media wants you to believe it’s a witch-hunt.

Don Jr. is no monster, nor is he a martyr. He’s just a political novice trying to help his dad.

Ignorance is no excuse, Don Jr. is a grown man, but support for your father is no vice either. For all the pearl-clutching on CNN and MSNBC over the meeting, there isn’t a liberal campaign inner-circle member who wouldn’t meet with anyone promising dirt.M ore.

Reality check: In a world that features ISIS and North Korea, the pitiful blather about young Trump’s useless meeting with the Russians tells us all we need to know about why mainstream media are on the skids. People who pay any serious attention know there are bigger issues.

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