ISIL carries out gruesome execution of man accused of blasphemy

The terrorist group’s affiliate released photos from the execution that took place at the town of Sahm Al-Joulan in western Dara’a, claiming any person that insults Allah will face death.

  • Gary

    I hope the man remembers that Obama tells us that the killers have NOTHING to do with islam and aren’t true muslim.

    • That’s undoubtably the second to last thing that passed through his mind- just before the bullet…

  • Hard Little Machine

    These fucktards are like Hamas. Everyone gets executed for being a Zionist spy but who knows. Usually.a collaborator is just someone you’re jealous of so you denounce them to the authorities. I’m sure ISIS is like that. Oh they’re batshit insane Muslim sociopaths but they will kill anyone for any reason or no reason. Islam or just the culture that breeds it. Makes no difference

    • Alain

      It is the same in communist regimes. I recall how the Soviets and communist Chinese encouraged people to denounce their neighbours and even family members. This often resulted in someone having had an argument with or someone the person was jealous of being denounced as a spy or enemy of “the people”.

      • andycanuck

        Cuba’s “Young Pioneers” Scouts are encouraged to rat out their parents for any crimes against the state.

      • Watchman

        I hereby denounce you for illegally distributing state secrets! /sarc

  • andycanuck

    And somehow I doubt his family is getting $10.5-million from anyone.

    • Will Quest

      I suspect sweet Iqra Khalid is wet with excitement , clutching her M-103 bill in her grubby little hands hands ……

  • Barrington Minge

    The way things are going for “ISIS” the shooter will get his before too long…..