Foreign Minister accuses Merkel of ‘passing the buck’ on G20 riots

A blame game over ugly street violence that marred Germany’s hosting of the G20 summit last week spilled into the national election campaign Tuesday as Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel attacked Chancellor Angela Merkel.

  • Hard Little Machine

    I suspect she has the election sewn up. No way for her to lose no matter what happens. She can do what she wants

    • Bla Bla

      Back to the days of the reich fuhrer. Sad to see the damned sacrifices of the past tossed to the four winds. Heh, I guess the fall of the wall was nothing more than a smoke screen for the communists to use in order to infest and corrupt all of the Wests institutions. One day will come where we will have no choice but to fight back.

  • Hard Little Machine

    I condemn these Germans for cultural appropriation of the English language. Use German, people.