First picture of ‘knifeman’ pinned down by heroic hotel staff after Egypt beach stabbing rampage

Pictures have since emerged of brave hotel staff pinning down a suspect, before he was wheeled away in a luggage trolley.


  • andycanuck

    Oh, it was a luggage trolley!

    I saw the cage he was being held in with a guardian holding him down and saying to myself, “Egyptian cops have portable, wheeled cage-cells? And why isn’t that a cop holding him down?” So it was hotel staff and a luggage trolley. People who know what will happen to them if they lose the tourism trade.

  • ntt1

    turn the muslim piece of filth over to the Egyptian tour operators,trinket shop owners and guides that have seen their income devastated by this insanity.

  • simus1

    A muslim who can swim, commit murder, and break stuff.
    Definitely an exceptional achiever.