Evergreen Student: ‘I’m Not Allowed To Speak Because I’m White’

“This behavior has actually been encouraged and because of this I feel like people are becoming more violent and the campus is becoming more of an unsafe place,” she continued. “I have been to several meetings to speak. I’ve been told several times that I’m not allowed to speak because I’m white.”

  • Blacksmith

    Welcome to to the world created by leftist, probably like you.

  • bargogx1

    Everyone also needs to watch this – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xQfWRJjmDDs

    Not only are they blatantly obvious about crafting a narrative,they’re actually proud of it.

  • Hard Little Machine

    You picked the wrong playpen, dipshit.

  • Manual Paleologos

    If we want to take back the campuses like Evergreen, it needs to be done with force. The enemy is using force to secure “their spaces.” We need squads of Good Ol’ Boys, tough and armed. They don’t have to be big. Compact squads will be more effective. They have to be disciplined. Go where the Snowflakes say you can’t go. Defend the right thinking speakers. Protect the right thinkers from violence. Don’t initiate violence, at least not when anyone is looking, but if it is visited on us, meet it with bone breaking responses.

    Take back the campuses. Take back our streets.

  • J. C.

    The simplest solution is for all the white kids to drop out and spread word of what’s going on there far and wide… When the money stops coming in, things will either change or Evergreen will be forced to close. Either outcome is a win.

    • Bla Bla

      Actually, that’s not a bad idea! Additionally not having a degree associated with a radical leftist cesspool will help with future employment opportunities.
      The sooner schools like evergreen are forced to closed down, the better.

  • simus1

    This is so old hat it is really pitiful.
    The North Koreans were into this shit with their white POWs 65 odd years ago and were a lot better at it “with much more difficult pupils”.