‘Criticism of Islam or Islamism is not anti-Muslim bigotry’

East London mosque has filed a formal complaint regarding the Council of Ex-Muslims of Britain’s presence in Pride in London and stated that our placards, including ‘East London mosque incites murder of LGBT’ were ‘inciting hatred against Muslims’ and that the mosque had a ‘track record for challenging homophobia in East London’.

In fact, though, the very reason CEMB was at Pride was to combat hate and to highlight the 13 states under Islamic rule that kill gay men (14 if we include Daesh-held territories). We included placards on the East London mosque to bring attention to the fact that there are mosques here in Britain that promote the death penalty for homosexuality and apostasy.

  • Millie_Woods
  • Gary

    I love the Cops outfit with the rainbow badge to show they are pro- LGBTQ2 . They spew the BS to these people and then go to the Mosque with a Green Crescent and Star badge to show they are pro-islam.
    Meanwhile the bombs keep going off and the people get stabbed as the Leaders tell us it’s safe and don’t give in to xenophobia and anti-muslim bigotry.

    Trudeau goes to a jewish temple to assure them they are safe and free to practice their faith . Then he’s off to a radical homophobic mosque that support sharia and tells them they are free to practice their faith ( condones murdering gays and child-bride marriage) . Next he flies to Montreal for a PRIDE parade
    to tell them the same thing as he will do for Shia and Sunni muslims plus the Ahmadi’s even though they all hate each other as Apostates.

  • bargogx1

    “Pride is full of placards saying “God is Gay”, “Jesus had two fathers”,
    as well as those mocking the church and priests and pope, yet CEMB
    members hold signs saying “Allah is Gay” – as we did – and the police
    converge to attempt to remove them for causing “offence”.”

    This needs to be repeated far and wide, and some public figure needs to step up to the plate and call the British authorities to account for this.

  • John

    Most days I do a tour of various ‘progressive’ atheist websites if only to track their treatment of Christian versus Muslim ‘transgressions”. Those websites often link to articles written by Mariam Namazie, the author of the article linked to above, depending on the object of her atheist complaints

    So far, not one of those ‘progressive’ atheist websites has bothered to mention this story.

    However, when Mariam complains about Trump’s misogyny or about Christianity or Judaism’s homophobia, as she occasionally does, those atheist websites jump on the story before the ink is even dry.

    What passes for mainstream atheism these days is nothing of the sort. No, that mainstream atheism is but a ‘progressive’ fig leaf behind which these atheists hide their inveterate hatred of the entire Judeo-Christian tradition.

    Mariam’s article, no matter how spot-on it is will, thus, gain absolutely no traction at any of these progressive sites.

    She’s bashing the *wrong* religion here, you see.

  • If Islamism has nothing to fear, then it should not fear criticism.