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First Nations tax exemptions aren’t helping Aboriginals, yet they cost over $1 billion

Loopholes in the Indian Act mean that government does not tax any product or service delivered on a reserve to a “Registered Indian” (this is the official, albeit outdated, legal term, although the term “Status Indian” is also sometimes used) or any income earned on reserve by a person or business. Trends suggest that the scale of tax losses for governments, and the effects of an uneven playing field with off-reserve businesses, will only increase.

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ISIS supporters urge lone wolves to derail trains, blow up oil pipelines and attack the Women’s Euros football championship as their caliphate crumbles

ISIS has issued fresh calls for lone wolf attacks in Europe as its so-called caliphate in the Middle East crumbles.

Anonymous social media channels linked to the terror group are encouraging fanatics to derail trains and blow up oil and gas pipelines across the continent.

The Women’s Euro tournament, and in particular the Scotland vs England game due to take place in the Netherlands next Wednesday, is also picked out as a target.

Typical Racist White Female Librarian

NYU librarian laments ‘fatigue’ from ‘presence of white people’

A New York University librarian recently bemoaned the “racial fatigue” she experiences “in the presence of white people” following an academic conference.

April Hathcock, a Scholarly Communications Librarian at NYU, recently attended the annual American Library Association [ALA] conference in Chicago, a trade conference for people in the library profession.

Right after the conference, Hathcock took to her personal blog to describe her “Post-ALA Race Fatigue,” lamenting that she was suffering from “serious race fatigue” after spending five days amongst her colleagues [emphasis in original].

Colombia Celebrates First ‘Three-Way Gay Marriage’

Colombia has become the first country to legally recognize the union of three gay men, where Manuel Bermúdez, Alejandro Rodríguez and Víctor Hugo Prada have united in a “special three-way patrimonial regime” in the city of Medellín.

Although the arrangement is being billed by local media as a “three-way gay marriage,” legally it is closer to a civil union. In 2016, Colombia legalized same-sex marriage, but for the moment it still officially limits the number of partners to two.

Mi’kmaq leaders urge calm ahead of Halifax protest to remove Cornwallis statue

Organizers say a weekend protest calling for a statue of Halifax’s controversial founder to be toppled will proceed as planned, despite objections from some Mi’kmaq leaders.

A Facebook event called “Removing Cornwallis” invites protesters to remove a large bronze statue of former governor Edward Cornwallis from atop a stone pedestal on Saturday.

Organizers haven’t said how they will do that, but the event has reignited debate about how Halifax commemorates its colonial history, as well as how the province’s Mi’kmaq community affirms its past.