Canada’s Multi-Million-Dollar Pay-Out to a ‘Foreign Terrorist Fighter’

In this still image taken from a video found in the rubble of the compound where Omar Khadr was captured on July 27, 2002, a 15-year-old Khadr constructs an improvised explosive device. (Courtesy U.S. Defense Operations/Wikimedia Commons)

“Has any soldier who fought FOR Canada ever received as generous a reward as this soldier who fought against us?” — Canadian Senator Linda Frum.

  • Gary

    Omar Khadr told the media that he saw Maher Arar in Afghanistan at an Al-Qaeda training camp and he was called the Canadian but the locals.

    Yet Arar sued us for $400,000,000.00 for unproven torture and got $10.2 million. He is still a Syrian Citizen holding a Canadian passport. Plus the Inquiry exposed how Maher Arar was a draft-dodger that field to Canada to void military service back home.
    So when he was refused entry to the USA and only Jordan would let him on a return flight from Tunisia that didn’t want him back. He landed in Jordan only to find bounty hunters that nabbed him and drove him back to the Homeland for a Military trial.
    His wife LIED to the CBC and STAR that Maher was grabbed in New York and sent to Syria to be tortured.

    There are almost 3 million dual citizens outside canada right now and we can’t afford to rescue each one that sues us for $10.5 million. Trudeau also told immigrants that if they get out citizenship they can murder hundreds of us and not lose their Citizenship.
    He’s the White version of Obama and a Hillary in a suit.

  • WalterBannon

    Trudope is a treasonous douche

  • marty_p

    Roy Green the radio talkshow host made a very relevant point this afternoon discussing this issue i.e. “Why if Trudeau was adamant that the Federal Govt had wronged Kadr, wasn’t an inquiry/Royal Commission into the matter held rather than rushing to pay?”

    • Gary

      Roy Green must not have had to deal with the CRA. They don’t give a $*it about the Charter of Rights. You can only go back 7 years to change your tax return to do Income Averaging or move a Capital Loss to another year.
      But the CRA can take any minor error on a tax return to hound you at work and at home. They can seize your bank account or get a Lien on your House by assuming you are guilty of tax evasion and fraud where you must Prove you are innocent and spend thousands on a tax lawyer.

      Where’s our $10.5 million Tax-free like Omar got.

      • mauser 98

        ………..wild guess
        Achmed and Bugangadin gets a pass fron CRA
        Jimmy McEuro is raped

        • Gary

          Just a note about Omar’s terrorists brother. The CBC did a special about him and painted him as a victim as well. But , his brother said that he was being paid by the CIA to help them and got $60,000.00 a year.
          Hold on…..the CRA and CBC didn’t go after him for earned income outside of canada that must be declared but doesn’t mean you will be taxes .

          Good luck as a non-muslim making $60,000.00 a year from rental property in the USA or a musician that tours the US and you don’t have to report it as Omar brothers didn’t .
          He admits to breaking the Tax laws right on TV as CRA employees watch the show….yet muslims don’t have to follow our laws to report extra income outside canada.

          Convert to islam and never pay taxes again.

    • mauser 98

      ………….white guilt

      3rd world reparations required
      oooops……….pass the IPhones, Nikes, BMW’s, Merc’s, LG’s

    • Because Trudeau is clearly on one side of this debate.

    • Exile1981

      He feels bad for the widow but didn’t contact her and he went out of his way to ensure she got none of the money he funneled to a terrorist.

      • He doesn’t feel bad at all. That would mean that he is capable of empathy. That piece of sh– feels nothing of the sort.

        • Exile1981

          I should have said he claims he feels bad for her.

          • Again, that is not true because Trudeau is incapable of empathy.

          • Exile1981

            I agree he has no empathy and doesn’t feel bad… but he Claimed he does. I was trying to point out how his actions were the opposite of what he claimed.

          • Indeed.