The Future Of Multicultural Europe: German City With The Most Immigrants Also Has The Most Crime

Over the past 20 years, European cities have slowly become more ethnically diverse, as EU governments open their borders to foreign populations.

And as this process has taken place, the authorities have been quick to cover up any crimes that have been committed by these populations. For instance, Swedish police are no longer allowed to describe the ethnic background of the criminals they catch, and most notably, the German government and press were desperate to cover up hundreds sexual assaults that occurred in Cologne in 2015.

  • OnePlusOne

    Let’s see… More “other” people, in short period of time, plus police reports of said people… equals more crime. Hmm. Not really having to be a brain surgeon here, but yeah, the statistics do say what they factually have to say.

    As a child learns what 1 + 1 equals to, so should a mature, civilized society learn what it means as well – over time. Because hey seem not to know what quagmire they are in.


  • Etobicoke_Gladiator

    The Islamophobia on this website is at a very high level. Tone it down, guys! 😉

  • Alain

    I see some have discovered that the mass importation of primitive barbarians results in a big increase in crime. Wow!

  • Hard Little Machine